A Reader Reminder of the Benefits of Goal Setting.

A while back I received an email from a woman who had read a post I had written on another site about new years resolutions. This post was a lot like the one I wrote the other day here on Inspired Every Moment, and it discussed how very often the goals and resolutions we set for ourselves fail miserably.

This woman had created an image on that very subject and was kind enough to send it to me so I could review it.

Life and chaos got in the way and it took me a long time before I found the time to review the image and respond to her, but once I saw the image I knew it would be perfect to share here today.  Especially in light of my recent post, which can be seen HERE

The image below is an info-graphic that depicts the way most people look at goal setting, and share the difference between people who achieve their goals and those that don’t. It is a great image that helps you to consider what you are doing differently from others in terms of goal setting and resolutions. It is interesting to look at and is laid out in an easy to understand form. She did a wonderful job, and I am thankful she shared it with me.

*Please Note: You can see the original post at onlineeducation .net*

Goal Setting


Once again I appreciate the opportunity to share this image with you, and if you have anything of your own that you would like to share here on this site you can send it to learningtolive@live.ca 


Until Next Time…

The sky isn’t even a limit!

4 thoughts on “A Reader Reminder of the Benefits of Goal Setting.

  1. Redge says:

    I like your presentation using infographics here. Makes for an easy read and the information rings true based on my experiences as well.

    Lastly, thanks for the “related articles” mention and by the way, mine was actually related.

    Great post, thanks for sharing.


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